Selected Reviews

A Midsummer Night’s MusicalEpic Arts

“Amy Van Looy’s gorgeous Titania never disappoints.”

Julie York Coppens, Charlotte Observer

“Amy Van Looy provides the most powerful voice and sensual movements as Titania, Queen of the Fairies.”

-Arts ala Mode

Alice in ConcertChildren’s Theatre of Charlotte

“But the true bright spot is Amy Van Looy’s domineering coloratura Red Queen…”

-Perry Tannenbaum, Creative Loafing

I feel special fondness Amy Van Looy’s Red Queen, operatic in her vocal style and temperament…”

-Charlotte Observer

The Christmas DollChildren’s Theatre of Charlotte

“The enormously talented actor and singer Amy Van Looy adds much to the production through her three roles – all related in nature.”

-National Youth Theatre Reviews

Closer Than Ever – Collaborative Arts

“Amy Van Looy has a strong, operatic voice and sings one of the most challenging solo pieces, “Patterns” about the sadness of bad choices and lost opportunities. Yet, she is wonderful in the comical “Miss Byrd” about an office worker euphoric after a lunch time tryst.”

-Arts ala Mode

Beauty and the Beast – Children’s Theatre of Charlotte

“Amy Van Looy’s operatically over-the-top Wardrobe …”

-Lawrence Toppman, Charlotte Observer

“Also first-rate is Amy Van Looy as the Wardrobe… what an embarrassment of acting riches.”

-Ann Marie Oliva, Arts ala Mode